Turnaround Times and Drop off points – How does it all work?

We often get asked:

  • How quickly can we turn items around?
  • Can I have it back tomorrow?
  • Do you offer an express / while-I-wait service?

The answer to this is usually no, but let us explain!

In the normal course of events when you book with us, we book you in for a whole week. This is for several reasons, but the two biggest ones are:

  • It gives us time to make sure your items are properly cleaned to a high standard and are (crucially) dry again. We also need extra time if mould treatments are required.
  • It allows us to work on several pushchairs at once and have them all at the same stage (or close to it) of a clean making us more efficient!

We’ll ask you to drop off (or let the courier collect) your items in the week before your booked week, and they’ll normally be available (or sent back) in the week after your clean.

If you’re using one of our drop off points in Bristol or Gloucester, we’ll normally ask you to drop off early in the week before to allow us time to bring your items back to our HQ in Swindon.

Can you make an exception, it’s really urgent?

The answer is usually, it depends. We’ll still require them for several day, normally a four to five at the absolute minimum.

  • It depends on whether you can drop off and collect in Swindon as then you aren’t dependent on when other items are ready to be returned or come in at the drop off points, you also aren’t dependent on couriers.
  • It depends on what the items are (some pushchairs are easier than others to clean) and what condition they are in.

Get in touch and we may be able to help!