What a year!!! Special Offer for Swindon Customers

It’s hard to believe that it’s a year ago that we took over Grubby Buggy and moved it to Swindon, what a ride it has been!!

In the last year we’ve seen more pushchairs and car seats than we thought we’d ever see when we had our children, despite Emma’s “buggy habit” with our own children!

  • We’ve seen mouldy and grimy,
  • We’ve seen grubby and scratched,
  • We’ve found things living in pushchairs (don’t ask about that one!),
  • We’ve found everything you can imagine in car seats (and some things you can’t!).

It’s been nothing short of amazing, thank you all for being with us along this journey and we hope your little ones are enjoying their “not Grubby Buggies” now!

To celebrate our first year in Swindon if you book a clean & service in the remainder of 2017, with a pre-booked value greater than £50 using our Swindon drop off centre we will knock 10% of your order (whilst we love collecting from our drop off centres in Bristol and Gloucester we’d like to see a few more local pushchairs as well!)

Get in touch quick if you’d like to take advantage of this, as we’re booking for November already!!

Special Offer