I have had my lovely Bugaboo now for two-and-a-half years and am about to loan it to my daughter’s Godmother who is expecting her second child. It had all the looks of a well-used pushchair – muddy wheels, stained hood, stale milk stains (even worse stale vomit stains and odours!) on the fabric, and the scattered remnants of once identifiable food stuff! The usual baby debris…
I made an excellent decision in employing Grubby Buggy to professionally clean it. It arrived back the same day in a pristine, “as new” condition.
My only caveat now in regard to loaning out my Bugaboo to her Godmother?
That she agrees to have it “Grubby Buggied” on it’s return!!
Will be guaranteed to get a good re-sale price if this first clean is anything to go by!
I would recommend this service very highly to friends and family.

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