Packaging your Items

If you are using our courier services or post office drop-off, the prospect of packing up your pushchair can be quite daunting, but we actually find it’s a lot of fun!

We’ll always tell you how many packages you are going to send to us, and provide you with a label to print and attach to each package.

If the courier is collecting from your home or work, they’ll collect sometime between 8am and 6pm on your chosen date. If we’ve been able to secure a parcel drop-off at your local post office for you, you’ll need to drop it in but remember it must get to us by Friday of the week before your clean.

What do I need?

If you’ve got the original boxes, that’s fantastic – but most people haven’t!

We recommend ordering a large roll of bubble wrap and some parcel tape on eBay, that’s the starting point for all packaging.  You will also need some strong garden sacks from a DIY or gardening store.

If you’re sending us a car seat as well you’ll need some strong cardboard.

Car Seats

You will need to package up your car seat (if you have the original box great, if not please package as follows):

  • Initially wrap it in about 2/3 layers of bubble wrap
  • Then place it into a cardboard box/or wrapped in cardboard,
  • and then wrap it in another layer of bubble wrap
  • Final seal it in heavy duty garden sacks.

It’s important that it is packed well to ensure it does not get bumped/damaged in anyway.


We’ll always tell you how how many packages your pushchair needs to be sent in, this varies depending on whether the seat can be sent with the chassis or not.

Note: Remove the wheels from the chassis and wrap them in the centre of the chassis to make it as compact as possible).

Then for each package:

  • Wrap the item(s) in two layers of bubble wrap (being sure to extra wrap any extremities – handles/connectors/adapters etc, couriers aren’t the most careful people!)
  • Then wrap again in heavy duty garden sacks.

Make sure that your package is taped properly with no loose ends and is as compact, padded (multiple layers of bubble wrap if necessary!) and sturdy as possible.