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Before & After
It’s cleaning, care and so much more… We have seen it all! It’s down to our specialised, bespoke treatment that we have yet to come across a pushchair or car seat we cannot work our magic on…
How do we do it?
We’re tough but gentle! Being a parent or caregiver can often feel like a juggling act and we know pushchair cleaning is another task to add to the long list….so relax we’ve got this!
We will always use the highest quality of products to ensure they are child and eco-friendly and put every pushchair/car seat through our 15-step tailored cleaning process so our prices reflect this.

Grubby Buggy!

When it comes to pushchair and car seat cleanliness, we know our stuff! At Grubby Buggy, we’ve even developed a wonderful tried and tested, 6hour, 15 step process and it works. So, tell your little one their pushchair is off to see the Grubby Buggy fairy and wave bye bye to the germs and grime.

We’re a service…..

  • with quality first
  • that using baby and eco-friendly products
  • who favoured by parents and caregivers who care
  • with a smile

The Grubby Buggy Guarantee:

  • Kills 99.9% Germs
  • Allergy & Eco-Friendly
  • Convenient Courier or Drop-off Service


After purchasing a double buggy from ebay that turned out to not be such a bargain after all! (It was filthy and had mould stains in places), I rang Cass in desperation! She did an amazing job and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your hard work, time and effort. You did such a great job, I was really impressed with your customer service and would recommend you to anyone. Thank you so much.
Our buggy was in a very sorry state after some heavy use from our son then a year living in a cold damp garage. We were really impressed with the quality of the clean and the customer service from Grubby Buggy- it really is as good as new. Well worth the money, and something I would highly recommend to friends and family. Many thanks.
A well used buggy, now clean and looking like new for baby number 2. A really useful service.
Cass does a fabulous job and provides the best customer service I have EVER experienced! I arranged for Cass to clean my 2 buggies prior to selling them and was completely gobsmacked by how amazing they looked when I collected them. The clean was definitely worth every penny and I am quite sad we don’t need them anymore because they look incredible – one of the buggies had quite alot of mould on it from storage in a garage for a long period of time and the other was looking really minging from normal child muck (half eaten food e.t.c.,) ...
An absolutely amazing service and I would highly recommend. My buggy was given 5 * treatment by grubby buggy and it now looks sparkly new and ready for baby number 2. It had been stored in the garage for well over a year and was covered in dust, dirt, food/drink stains etc – it was filthy. I cannot thank you enough Cass – not only does the buggy look prestine again, I have the reassurance and confidence that it has been given a thorough chemical free deep clean to kill off any dust mites and allergens, and will not trigger ...
A truely fantastic service, I would thoroughly recommend Grubby Buggy. We bought our second hand Phil and Teds classic with double add on seat 18 months ago and the previous owners used it for well over 2 years, so to say it was grubby was an understatement. Some stains and dirt even months and years old, suncream, milk, mud, juice……I thought Cass would have it looking fairly good after a clean, but I was astounded with the finished buggy, i would go as far to say that it looks pretty much brand new. Its now bright red as opposed to ...
I’d had all good intentions of giving my buggy a good ‘spring-clean’ for well over a year now, but had never found the time to get round to it. After getting a Grubby Buggy recommendation from an NCT friend of mine I decided to give it a go and finally get it done – I wish I’d gone for it ages ago! I am so impressed with the service, it was delivered back within 24 hours looking (and smelling!) like new again. I will definitely use Grubby Buggy again and can thoroughly recommend them :o )
After deciding to buy a second hand pram I heard of Grubby Buggy through my husbands work, although the pram was in good condition and appeared clean (it had milk stains to be expected!) I really wanted peace of mind being a new mother. I was so suprised at the difference the clean had made as I thought that it wasn’t that dirty,so it looked brand new. I was pleased that after saving money buying a second hand pram I was able to find a company that could make the pram feel like it was brand new without costing a ...
Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my pushchair. After 2.5 years of chauffeuring my little boy around it had definitely seen better days and was in desperate need of a good clean, so I was really pleased when I found a company that provided a ‘buggy cleaning’ service, and what a great service it is.I was delighted with the results, my Phil and Teds double buggy now looks brand new again – Thank you!!!. I will definitely be recommending ‘Grubby Buggy’ to all my friends.
I have had my lovely Bugaboo now for two-and-a-half years and am about to loan it to my daughter’s Godmother who is expecting her second child. It had all the looks of a well-used pushchair – muddy wheels, stained hood, stale milk stains (even worse stale vomit stains and odours!) on the fabric, and the scattered remnants of once identifiable food stuff! The usual baby debris…I made an excellent decision in employing Grubby Buggy to professionally clean it. It arrived back the same day in a pristine, “as new” condition.My only caveat now in regard to loaning out my Bugaboo ...